Power to the Homeless


The defining trend of our times has been the rise of the Internet. Access to the Internet is essential in being able to function as a member of modern society. This technological revolution has affected almost every walk of life. It could be argued that although it has started by those who are generally well of it has most potential to help those on who are on the margins of society.

These days there many public places around the world that provide free WiFi access but one problem is the lack of reliable access to the energy infrastructure. Perhaps, one of the main anxieties that a modern person has is being afraid to lose the mobile phone charge. Generally, it’s not a problem for those of us who have a place that we can call home where we can charge our power hungry devices every night. Imagine though if that was not the case. Unfortunately, if for people sleeping rough that is often the sad reality. Instead of using the great potential of the modern technology to improve their conditions of life the lack of to it becomes another brick wall to bang your head through.

The issue of climate change is already necessitating the transition to clean energy sources. We think it would be wise to include rough sleepers into this great transition. We’ve initiated a pilot project where we give power banks to rough sleepers on the streets of London with an option to charge them using solar panels.