Shop Information

The Solar League is pleased to announce its partnership with environmental entrepreneurs Elvis & Kresse who have created an innovative range of environmentally friendly products using reclaimed materials. Ipad cases created from coffee sacks and reclaimed fire-hose, bags and wallets lined with reclaimed military grade parachute silk or racing sail cloth and belts made from reclaimed printing blankets.

All Elvis & Kresse items are hand-made and unique. The packaging is created from reclaimed materials such as tea sacks and shoeboxes resulting in truly environmentally friendly products.

The decommissioned fire hose, collected from around the UK, is weathered and marked with no two reds being the same. Some products show details of their past-life whilst others may bear the name of the hose-making company. Elvis & Kresse donates 50% of their profit from the fire hose range to the Fire Fighters charity.

All profits made by The Solar League will be used to fund projects that promote sustainable development for the benefit of the public. The Solar League’s current project is Power to The Homeless. Our goal is to help those most socially excluded from society to stay connected to the internet by providing solar rechargeable battery packs to the street homeless in central London.

To help us raise funds for this great cause you can browse the products that we offer here or if you prefer you can make a donation here.